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Hours: Wednesday: 10am - 5pm 

Treat Your Body to Dr. Amy’s Expert Care

Ready to enhance your wellness, optimize your health, and look and feel better than ever before? Let Dr. Amy and her caring staff of medical experts treat you right. Discover our unique suite of powerful integrative therapies, from IV vitamin drip and ozone therapy, to infrared sauna and PEMF—plus a wide variety of top-shelf aesthetic treatments. Relax and enjoy your personalized, physician-directed experience in our bright, upbeat boutique environment, and discover the difference Body Treat can make in your wellness and overall health.


Conveniently located in the heart of Marin with easy access from the 101 freeway, we welcome first-time and repeat clients from San Francisco, Sonoma County, and Napa County (and beyond!).

IV Vitamin Therapy for Everyone

Hydrate, fight fatigue, and boost your energy. Experience the immediate benefits of our specialized, powerful IV vitamin drip therapy.

Reduce Fatigue & Boost Immunity

Rev up your immune system and reduce inflammation with our ozone therapy treatment, or discover the power of blood irradiation therapy to fight infections.

Safe, Medical-Grade Peels

Resurface and tighten skin, and reduce the effects of aging, with our VI peels or powerful, FDA-approved Vivace microneedling.

Powerful Wellness Treatments

Explore our menu of potent alternative therapies, from infrared sauna to lymphatic massage to pulsed electromagnetic frequency treatments.


New Year, New You!

Your package includes 4 signature (or customized) IVs with glutathione, 4 infrared sauna sessions, 4 lymphatic massage (Ballancer Pro machine) sessions, and 4 PEMF sessions. Book today and save $500!

Treat your body to a month of wellness and
save $500 when you book today.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Everything we do, we do for the health and wellness of our clients—and we have a great time doing it! Check out what a few of our clients have to say, and discover how the Body Treat experience is truly different from any other.

Jennifer, Single Working Mom with 3 Kids

IV vitamins help her sleep better, have more energy, and feel more positive about her whole life.

Kiernan, Ozone and IV Vitamin Client

His treatments quickly clear up his skin issues, and he loves Body Treat’s welcoming, upbeat environment.

Alicia, IV Vitamins and PEMF Client

Her treatments have made a dramatic difference in her life by boosting her immunity and overall health.

Anne Enjoys Our Atmosphere & Expertise

She loves the feeling of community—and the expert care—she receives from Dr. Amy and Beth.  

How It Works

New to IV vitamins? Book your introductory consultation (one-time $100 fee, mandatory for all first-time clients) with Dr. Amy, and get our powerful Myers’ drip the same day! Our most popular drip is the perfect introduction to the eye-opening world of IV vitamin treatment. You’ll get hydrated and enjoy greater energy with our blend of B12, vitamin C, and B complex. Start treating your body right!

Dr. Amy, MD

“I believe that enhanced health and wellness start at the cellular level, so our treatments work from the inside out.”

Beth Carmody, RN

“Dr. Amy’s takes the time to assess what each client needs and then determines the best therapy for them.”

Returning IV fans, the (drip) world is your oyster! Book your next treatment now and get back to feeling great today. Feeling sick? Try our Immunity Boost. Stressed? Our Serenity drip will zen you out. Hungover? The Party’s Over drip can help. Run down? Myers' or Fatigue Fighter will recharge your batteries. Just feeling “some kinda way?” Dr. Amy and her caring staff will create a custom drip just for you!

The Team

Dr Amy Adams MD

Dr. Amy Adams, MD

Multi-faceted is an understatement when describing this doctor. Trained in both Emergency medicine and alternative medicine, her extraordinary intelligence, expansive knowledge, and quick wit make her the star attraction at Body Treat. Often referred to as IV goddess, mix master, or just plain Dr. Amy, she is a combination of brains, wit, warmth, and the inspiration behind this operation. With her versatility and top-notch medical training, she not only has the ability to address your adrenal fatigue and develop a treatment plan, but also give a pep talk and discuss the latest Netflix binge worthy shows. She is unlike any doctor around with an incredible sense of humor and a wardrobe sharp enough to slay. All of this is included in one visit. You will leave feeling better knowing you were well listened to, well cared for, and yes, sent off with some suggestions on where to get the best pair of comfortable stylish heels!


Beth Carmody, RN

With 30+ years of nursing experience, including home Iv infusion, there is no one you can trust more to deliver you a great IV experience. Even if you are  a “tough IV start”, she will find those pesky veins and make them act right! You won’t be disappointed with her skill level or her bubbly personality. Who can make you laugh and enjoy yourself all while poking you with a needle? Beth can!!