Boost Immunity, Reduce Inflammation & Enjoy More Energy

IV Vitamin, Ozone & UVBI Therapies to Enhance Your Health

Modern life can be taxing, and it’s not always easy to make the right choices to optimize your wellness and help your body deal with the stress, inflammation, and toxins we encounter daily. That’s why we offer complete suite of therapies to help get you back to feeling better than ever. At Body Treat, you’ll discover powerful new ways to hydrate your body, boost your immunity, fight stress, and gain energy—all under the expert guidance of Dr. Amy and her caring staff.

A Full Suite of IV Therapies Body Treat
IV Vitamin Therapy

While many people take vitamins orally to support their overall health, most don’t realize that the processing and absorption of these pills can vary widely, resulting in inconsistent concentration (aka bioavailability), to your tissues. But with IV drip therapy, 100% of the vitamin is delivered directly to the bloodstream, so your body can access it right away!

Ozone Therapy

In this unique process, we use the O3 molecule to activate the immune pathway, boosting immunity while down-regulating inflammation. It’s the perfect way to combat stubborn infections, rev up your immune system, reduce widespread body inflammation, and address the effects of adrenal fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

UVBI Therapy

Also known as Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation, UVBI exposes blood to ultraviolet A, B, and C rays to destroy viral, bacterial, and fungal pathogens, telling the body’s immune system exactly where to attack. Best used in conjunction with ozone, it’s a powerful therapy for Lyme disease and other viruses, and it’s great for anyone seeking to strengthen their immunity and optimize their overall health.

IV Vitamin Drips

The Classic

Enhance your energy, increase cellular hydration & optimize
your health with the Myers’ drip.


Additives: B12,

Vitamin C & B Complex


Forever Flawless

Fight oxidative stress,
rejuvenate your skin & enjoy healthier nails & hair.


Additives: Biotin, Vitamin C & Glutathione


The Master of Defense

Combat infection, boost immunity & help fight viruses with this powerful drip.

Additives: High-Dose Vitamin C, Selenium & Zinc


Fatigue Fighter

Put the pep back

in your step with this

energy powerhouse.


Additives: B12, B6, B5

& B Complex


Mellow Mood

Take a deep breath! This drip alleviates stress, calms adrenals & elevates your Zen.


Additives: Glycine &


The Party’s Over

Blast that hangover, get
hydrated & calm your tummy with this powerful drip.


Additives: B Complex, Extra Fluids, Pepcid & Zofran


Sweet Relief

Lessen the soreness of
arthritis, muscle aches & hitting the gym a little too hard.


Additives: B12, B6, B5

& B Complex



Soak up the benefits of
20–75gm of pure vitamin C (specific blood test required).


Additives: Vitamin C

— lots of it!


Just For You

Let us know how

you’re feeling, and we’ll

mix up a special drip,

just for you!



Drip IV Add-Ons

Sometimes, you just need a little something extra. Add a dose of Glutathione to detox and glow, or rev up your immune system and enjoy a burst of energy by adding silver to your drip. Or maybe you just need extra hydration—stat! Not sure which add-on is right for you? Tell us how you’re feeling, and we’ll recommend the right nutrients to help get you back to fantastic.


Ozone & UVBI Therapy


Upregulate your immune system, fight stress & get glowing.


Ozone & UVBI

Rev up your immune system & tell it exactly which pathogens to fight with this synergistic combo.


Ozone Only

Support your immune system with this ozone-only treatment.



Target and combat viral, bacterial & fungal pathogens with this standalone treatment.


Ozone & Silver

Let silver destroy pathogens while you boost your immunity with ozone.


UVBI & Silver

Get a double dose of pathogen-fighting power plus an energy boost from added amino acids.


Vitamin & Homeopathic Shots

In a rush? Vitamin shots to the rescue! Detox and get glowing skin with glutathione. Boost energy and combat stress with B12. Reduce inflammation, joint pain, headaches, and muscle aches with Toradol or Traumeel. Boost immunity and get over colds faster with Engystol and Lymphostat. Or begin a Slim Shot regimen to start metabolizing fat more quickly. We offer a full suite of vitamin shots to help you look and feel great—fast!

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