IV Vitamin Drips 

Our drips are designed to serve your wellness needs 

A calm and uplifting environment while you receive the IV Hydration you need to enhance you health

Why IV Vitamins?

The easiest way to understand the difference between oral and IV vitamins is by addressing absorption, bioavailability, and concentration of vitamin delivery. Orally, there is varied absorption making the amount available to the tissues (bioavailability) and the concentration of the vitamins in your bloodstream highly inconsistent.  With IV delivery, you get 100% of the vitamins delivered DIRECTLY to the bloodstream for IMMEDIATE use by your tissues.  What's better than 100%, right?

Body Treat Nurses provide IV Therapy in a relaxed spa like environmet

First time getting IV Vitamins? First timers are required to get the Myer's! 

Our Drips

IV Therapy for Anti-Aging



Fights Oxidative Stress, skin rejuvenation, improves hair, skin and nail health

Additives: Biotin, Vitamin C & Glutathione
Alleviate your stress with a Serenity IV Hydration Therapy



Alleviates stress, calms adrenals & gets your zen.

Additives: Glycine & Magnesium 
Immunity Drip IV Therapy fights infection and boosts immunity



Fights infection & boosts immunity

Additives: High dose vitamin C, Selenium & Zinc
The essential IV Hangover remedy

Party's Over


Hangover remedy! Hydrate & tend to nausea

Additives: B Complex, extra fluids, Toradol & Zofran
Myer's IV Therapy for increased energy and hydration



Increased energy, hydration & general health maintence 

Additives: B12, Vitamin C & B Complex
IV Drip B12 B6 B5 & B Complex to Fight Fatigue

Fatigue Fighter


Energy, energy & more energy!

Additives: B12, B6, B5 & B Complex
Anti-Infammatoy IV Drips



Tends to arthritis, muscle aches & athlete recovery 

Additives: B12, B6, B5 & B Complex
Doctor directed cutom IV Therapy



Let us know how you're feeling & we'll mix something special for you!

Vitamin C IV Hydration Therapy

High Dose Vitamin C


Pure vitamin C from 20gm - 75gm. (specific blood test required, prior to infusion).

Additives: Vitamin C

Drip Add-ons 

  • Glutathione - $65

  • IV Silver - $75

  • Saline Bag 500 ml - $65

  • Saline Bag 1000 ml - $115

  • Extra Nutrient - $20 

Our Shots

  • Glutathione - $50

  • B12 - $45

  • Slim Shot (MIC/B12) - $50

  • Super Slim Shot (MIC/B Complex) - $50

  • Slim Shot Plus (MIC/B12/Carnitine) - $55

  • Toradol - $50 

Loving your treatments? 

 Packages Available

Buy 5 or more, and drips are $165 ea

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