Lymphatic system- The highway of the immune system

Ahh, the immune system! The body’s defense against all the yuck and muck that tries to infect us on a daily basis. It is a complicated network of cells designed to ingest, destroy, and neutralize pathogens in and effort to fight bacteria, mold, viruses, parasites, and yeast. It also aids in battling those god-awful cancer cells. The immune system is the body’s defense system against all that goes bump in that night. Many people seek the common goal of boosting their immune system using common vitamins and supplements. However, there is one very important piece of the immune system that is frequently overlooked, and rarely addressed, even by the most savvy providers and patients- the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system is a network of specialized vessels throughout the body. It is responsible for carrying fluid (called lymph) that has diffused from the blood into the tissue between the cells (interstitial fluid), back to your bloodstream by way of the lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are those tiny bean shaped lumps in your neck or by your ears that you sometimes feel when you get sick. There are actually many more lymph nodes in your body including in your abdomen, arm pits, and chest cavity. You usually don't feel them unless you get sick and they are activated. They house and produce lymphocytes, the body’s cells that attack foreign pathogens and infections. When a microbe or pathogen enters your blood stream, the lymphatic system is key to initiating not only first line of defense, but also the final fatal attack on that infection. If the lymphatic system is not working properly, you cannot fight off infections appropriately. It is also responsible for scavenging for cancerous cells and destroying them before they spread.

In addition to fighting infections and cancer, the lymphatic system is responsible for fluid balance in the body. The interstitial fluid mentioned above (the fluid produced when blood diffuses between your tissues), comprises a decent amount of fluid in your body, and needs to be removed by the lymphatic system. If it is not, your body will trap fluid causing excessive weight gain initially, and eventually you will develop lymphedema.

So, how do we make sure your lymphatic system is functioning optimally? The biggest way is through lymphatic massage. This can be done either manually or with machines. Either way is very effective, and can help you considerably on your way to immune health. Here at Body Treat, we are offering the cutting edge Ballancer Pro machine, as featured on the TV show “The Doctors”! It is a device that fits like a pair of high waisted pants (my absolute favorite type of pant, fyi) and it systematically produces sequential compression of your legs and abdomen to produce a lymphatic massage. It is very relaxing and can be done while you are getting an IV or even a Vivace treatment. Clients report feeling more energized, reduced brain fog, and LOSING AN AVERAGE OF 3-6 INCHES during a session! How can you beat the combo of getting healthier and losing weight? Answer- YOU CAN’T! Try this cutting-edge technology today!

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