Vitamin C helps fatigue

I know so many of us have full workdays that leave us completely spent by the end of the day. Fatigue at work is one of the most common complaints that my patients have. "I just hit a wall at 4 o'clock" or "I don't even wake up at work until after my second cup of coffee". Sound familiar? Did you know there is commonly used nutrient that has been clinically shown to help fight work fatigue? VITAMIN C!

As if it didn't already do enough, vitamin C also does a fantastic job of providing energy. Try to stick with me through the next few seconds because I am about to kick some science right now. In 2012 the Nutrition Journal published a study (double blind randomized controlled trial for the nerds out there) that showed INTRAVENOUS vitamin C made a significant difference in improving work fatigue. One group was given 10 grams of intravenous Vitamin C, and one group was given plain hydration with no vitamin C. People were less fatigued in the vitamin C group. The article states "fatigue scores decreased in the vitamin C group after two hours and remained lower for one day". It is important to note that the study is specific to INTRAVENOUS vitamin C. You cannot achieve the same blood levels of vitamin C with oral dosing.

That is where we come in! Vitamin C comes in almost every drip we give. You can get anywhere from 3 grams to 75 grams intravenously, depending on your needs (doses above 15 grams require consultation and blood testing). Imagine the increase in your work productivity when come energized for the work day! It's time to invest in your health. Book now through the website or call or text 415 233-2341 for an appointment.

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